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Become an agent
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with MoneyGo

How it works

Follow these simple steps and before you know it, you'll be the owner of your own dream business

Fill out the form

So that we know which country you plan to open your business in and which language we should use to communicate with you

Discuss the details with a manager

One of our managers will contact you to explain how our system works, discuss your commission and answer any questions you may have
You need a personal account to receive customer requests, keep your balance and monitor transaction histories

Set up and deposit your account

Process customer requests

Process customer currency exchange requests into RUB, USD, EUR, and vice versa with MoneyGo. Make deposits and withdrawals for your customers

Receive your commission

You choose how much commission you receive - usually between 3-10% - and have it credited immediately after each transaction

to become a MoneyGo agent

Lead flow

We'll integrate your services onto our website
and send you warm leads who are ready to make payments

Up to 10% commission

You receive commission for every transaction and the money is sent to you instantly

Easy start

All you need to start your business is a phone, an internet connection and only a 100$ deposit

Personal Support

You will be assigned a technical specialist
and a financial adviser to help you resolve any issues

Submit an application

One of our managers will contact you
in a few days to discuss all the details
and terms of this partnership

MoneyGo is an electronic payment system that allows users to make payments over the internet
and transfer funds around the world with the lowest fees.

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